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woke up to a perf lil gift from my dynasty sisters @meadowlarkjewellery 🔮 a wicked way to start my day #meadowlarkjewellery xxz #💜


△ ▼ ▽ gentle ghetto △ ▼ ▽

what kinda dumb shit is ‘gentle ghetto’?

um “gentle ghetto” ??? wtfwat the shit is that whack 2k14 bullshit even about huh??smh.. actually GLAD u can’t se my face if that caption floating around internet on my photo. deleteeee
lol but srsly wth

imsickofyourfuckingshit asked: I know this isn't a question but you are such a groovy human and you're style is on point and I love you're blog a ton please follow mine 😘🙊

too cute 💜 yea y not! now i follow u!

or purple


skulling skulls w/ prettypuke

luv ♥
dat multidimensional ass…
das me

halfaxa-alien asked: I luv u so much ♥ u r beautiful ○ i'm your fan!

aww well i think ur bloggi hype so following u x much luv frm ur Z