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I love coming across people with unique styles 🔮, so I should thank @caradelevingne for this one haha, plus she has the zef style 👽🙌
@askulloffoxes (Ž Sparkes)  Mechanical Pencil/4H Pencil on 9x12 inch paper.



when you like and reblog your own selfie


on some mad self love shit ;) u mad bro?

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when I add my own caption to a post


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tonight I got to watch the founder express himself and explain his discoveries. Amazing energy to be around. In the best mood

Goodnight xoZzz

“ppl create the arts & culture. 
Money does nothing.”
i am lucky to watch a very interesting researcher/author/politician articulate and explain some of his #gamechanger discoveries. he is the proud founder of UBUNTU Liberation Movement: Unity and Higher Consciousness for a New World … lol. nigga really knos his shit & has some incredibly interesting explanations.. Google his name i dare u… #slavespecies #conspiracybrother

"Money was maliciously introduced in ancient times as a tool of enslavement - the absolute tool of enslavement”
- Michael Tellinger
we live in a poetic universe


borïng mondays ~ ï want someone to kïss

waah extreme flashback!!!… And nothing has changed but everything has changed lol

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understand #SYNCHRONICITY  (at lol life iz fkn crazy)