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mind wide open ∞ mouth sealed shut

memory lane taking me back to my first night in N¥C

by myself & lost somewhere deep in Time Square just past witching hour.. 

engulfed by thousands of unaware, uncertain and confused humans.. i was proud to stand unaffected, alone & complete.

this snap immortalises a particularly intimate moment that i hold close & grow from.

syndra666 asked: I dreamed you handpoked a symbol i don't know in my arm with white ink

I did ;) u just can’t see it w/ conscious eyes lil1 xxx

Anonymous asked: always want 2 kno ur position/opinion about abortation..

i think abortion is ALWAYS an option & entitlement. no1 dare fkn open their mouth with contradictory opinion.
it is a womens decision/her body/her life path that this decision will directly effect. and i speak on behalf of so many close to me that in sooo many situations 4 so many women it has been the right decision for them. u r not alone girls. follow ur heart. Only u can kno what is right for u. it is no ones business but urz. u have my total love&support 1hunnit% xox
massive rant but im opinionated wateva

homie we good #😤🌝#
while u sleepin #AUS#🌚#420am

for people who don’t have time to watch lengthy documentaries…


Circuses in 60 Seconds
Horse Racing in 60 Seconds
The Fur Industry in 60 Seconds
The Dairy Industry in 60 Seconds
The Down Industry in 60 Seconds
AirCruelty in 60 Seconds
Factory Farming in 60 Seconds
China Fur Trade in 60 Seconds
Puppy Mills in 60 Seconds
Animal Testing in 60 Seconds

x x x

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