Introverted extrovert. Vegan. Alien.
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mind wide open ∞ mouth sealed shut

real talk.
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i luv bein able 2 inspire dope art like this..  by a lil chik on ig ✍ @quartzseven

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nu meaning 2 unda tha thumb..
im a very clumsy girl 
this is me always…e∜a covered in bumps n bruises

Anonymous asked: Feels like you've disappeared be coz u Gettin sum yung gun

haha wtf is yung gun? i seem to fink u r suggesting I’m distracted by sum D? if that the case. yawn. Couldn’t b further from my life right now.. iv been alone 4 over 2 years… Hey i hav a question.. why do i keep receiving msgs like this..?

U guys hav no idea. it takes a lot of real world time & attention 2 run a business. so right now i just work way 2 hard n often 2 regularly internet good.. capisce?

only hand i wanna hold..